We will be running vaccine clinics, and patients will be called in the following order:

  • those over age 90 years.
  • those age 85 – 90 years
  • those age 80 – 85 years
  • those age  75-80 years
  • those age 70 – 75 years.

The speed at which we give out the vaccine will depend on how quickly we receive delivery of the vaccine.

The vaccine is given in the upper arm, very similar to how the influenza vaccine is given.

However, there will be two separate doses, and the second dose is given three weeks after the first. 

So far, around the world the experience with this vaccine has been very good.

Covid Vaccination at the Brandon Medical Centre is continuing.   

We started with patients over the age of 70. 

All patients over the age of 70 have now received their first dose.  Some have also received their second dose.   Very soon, all over the age of 70y will be fully vaccinated.   

We have commenced vaccinating the next group.   

Note that patients between the age of 60 and 69 years, are ALL being vaccinated through the HSE run clinics.  The Tralee clinic is located at the Tralee IT.  

Patients are requested to log on to the HSE vaccine portal. (vaccines.hse.ie).  , and register using their 




-PPS number 

-Mobile phone 

-Eir code.  

Make sure to have these ready when you are registering.     You will then be called to the clinic at  Tralee IT and you will get the ASTRA ZENECA covid vaccine.  

If you cannot manage to log on, or you have no computer access then phone. 

1 850 24 1850. 

Make sure to have the above information at hand when you are phoning them.  

At the Brandon Medical Centre, we have now supplied the first dose to our COHORT 4 patients. 

These consist of.  

  1. Overweight with BMI > 4 0
  2. Diabetes.  With Hba1c. > 58
  3. Respiratory disease.  ( asthma/COPD) with recent hospital admission or frequent need for antibiotics and steroids, or use of oxygen.  

We are now moving on to our patients who are age 18-59 years, and who make up CATEGORY. 7


Consists of patients who suffer from an ongoing medical condition.

Most of these conditions come under one the following clinical groupings

  1. Heart/Cardiovascular
  2. Neurolgical: MS/Parkinsons/Epilepsy/Stroke/Surgery and others
  3. Liver or renal disease
  4. Patients taking immune system modulating medication for chronic illnesses such as Rheumatoid, Lupus,Psoriasis
  5. Cancer: recent or previous diagnosis of a cancer related condition
  6. Diabetes: not covered by Category 4
  7. Asthma and  COPD not covered by Category 7.
  8. Obesity
  9. Inherited metabolic disease
  10. Severe  mental illness.

Many patients have already been contacted with an appointment for their first vaccine. We have a list of Category 7 patients whom we plan to contact. We are expecting further supplies of vaccine in the coming weeks

If you have not been contacted and you wish to enquire about getting the vaccine, please e mail the surgery at reception@brandonmedicalcentre.ie.  or phone the surgery number.

E mail suits us better as the phone is very busy right now. 

The vaccine we are supplied with so far has been the PFIZER BioNTek Comarnity vaccine, and so far this is the only vaccine we have been using. The Pfizer vaccine is given in 2 doses, the second dose four weeks after the first.

When we get supply of the vaccine it has to be used in a short period, and cannot be stored for more than 2-3 days.

Ken Holmes, May 3rd

The timetable is as follows:

  1. We will contact you to confirm your phone and e mail details,
  2. We will supply vaccine information, or send you a link to the practice website where the information can be found
  3. We will send you a consent form.,
  4. We will give you an appointment for your vaccination, so please come at the appointed time
  5. We expect the visit to take about a half hour, and will include 15 minutes  observation after you have had the vaccine.
  6. We will record your vaccination, give you a vaccination card, and inform the HSE that you have been vaccinated.
  7. Your second vaccination will be done after four weeks.

For detailed information on vaccination please log in the immunisation.ie, or check the HSE website.

Patients who do not have an ongoing medical condition will be called by the HSE to register for the COVID vaccine. Patients are being called on the basis of age, and this week, those age between 50 and 59 years are starting to be called. Regular ads on TV and radio are reminding the public to register when their vaccine is due.

On the current advice, patients will continue to be called according to age, moving down below age 50 when those over age 50 have been vaccinated.

If you would like further information on the COVID immunisation programme you can get this on the following internet links :


And also. :

  • hse.ie. – the Health Service  Executive.
  • immunisation.ie – detailed guidance on all vaccines, and  a special focus  on COVID vaccines
  • hpsc.ie  the health protection surveillance centre, up to date news about COVID infection in Ireland