Fees & Payments

Our Fees are as follows: (Effective 01/07/2018)
Doctor consultation*€60
Follow up visit€40
Practice Nurse visit€30
Blood Test€30
Cervical SmearsCervical check ( national cervical screening) Smears normally free under this service.
Certificate for unfitness to work€30
Document Filling€10
Medical assessment regarding fitness to drive a car€30
Joint injection€70 (can vary depending on joint affected)
Influenza vaccination€30
Important information:
  • Patients with medical cards are seen for free. Patients with no medical card have to pay the doctor for their visit.

  • Payment can be taken by cash or bank card.

Visitors from the EU who hold a valid European Health Insurance Card do not have to pay for emergency GP visits during their stay.

If you are unsure if you are entitled to a medical card, please visit www.medicalcard.ie

The four main insurers (VHIAvivaLaya Glo Health) all offer money back on GP visits. How much they give back depends on the plan you have but can be half or more of every consultation. It is worthwhile comparing plans to see which suits you best.