Here at Brandon Medical Centre Tralee we offer a comprehensive range of services. Our staff include experienced General Practitioners, Nurses and more.

Many of our services are listed below and for more information about a particular service please use the contact form on this page.

General Practice

  • Acute primary healthcare : acute illness and infections

  • Chronic disease management (Asthma; Hypertension; Arthritis; COPD; Diabetes)

  • Accidents with minor Injuries, assessment and treatment

  • Dermatology: eczema, psoriasis, acne, warts, rashes

  • Cryotherapy (“freezing” ) to treat warts and verrucas and some other skin conditions


  • Primary childhood vaccinations

  • Influenza vaccination

  • Pneumovax vaccination

  • Vaccinations for travel abroad including Hepatitis A and B, Typhoid, Yellow fever and others

Maternity Care

  • Routine antenatal care for expectant mothers

  • 2 week baby check

  • 6 week baby check

Family planning

  • Preconception advice.

    Regular family planning and contraception advice

  • Fitting of IMPLANON contraceptive implant

  • Counselling and advice regarding MIRENA coil use

  • Prescriptions of regular contraceptive pills and progesterone only pills

  • Emergency contraception

  • Advice regarding fertility issues

Female Health

  • Routine breast examination

  • Advice and referral for mammogram where needed

  • Cervical smears under the National Cervical Screening Programme

  • Menopause: assessment and advice. HRT where needed

Male Health

  • Advice and examination regarding the prostate gland and associated problems

  • Examination to rule out any abnormality of testicles

  • Counselling / referral for vasectomy operation

Medical tests and reports

  • Driving licence

  • Insurance

  • Legal medical examinations

  • Mortgage and Life insurance medical examinations

Health Screening

  • ECG

  • Blood testing

  • 24 hour blood pressure testing

  • Diabetes care

Care of the Elderly

  • Regular surgery assessment

  • Memory testing

  • Nursing Home care

  • Medication management